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Specialises in stretch fabrics and design for pole dance, aerial, performance and other forms of dances. 


Technical complexity is at the heart of his work, always looking for new ideas, new shapes... But above all to create your outfit for you! 


Custom order ! Dedicated to your morphology, to your desires. Thanks to its elements, I propose you different designs with several choices of fabrics, ornamentations but also rhinestones.


I work in an artisanal way, all my costumes are made in my workshop in France. 



Spécialisée dans les tissus extensibles et la conception pour le pole dance, aérien, performance ainsi que d'autres formes de danses. 


La complexité technique et au coeur de son travail cherchant toujours de nouvelles idées, de formes.. Mais surtout de vous créer votre tenue

Une tenue unique ! Dédiée à votre morphologie, à vos envies. Grâce à ses éléments, je vous propose différentes maquettes avec plusieurs choix de tissus, ornementations, mais aussi strass. 

Je travaille de façon artisanale, tous mes costumes sont faits de A à Z au sein de mon atelier en France.

Why buy from a craftsman ? 

You support a small business, from which you buy a durable and quality product manufactured in respectful conditions.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Have we lost the value of a garment?

Because of fast fashion, we are used to very, very low prices: a top and cheaper than a sandwich. Cheap labor that creates social inequalities but also and above all destroys our environment.

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